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Best Practices for a Killer Mobile Website

Mobile web usage continues to rise and it's time to get serious about reaching your audience on smart phones. But the mobile web operates by different rules and you need to know how to design your website and present your content for maximum impact and usability on mobile devices.


  • What responsive design means and what you should do about it
  • How to prioritize your mobile content
  • How to manage a mobile website and how it relates to your CMS

About the Speaker

Michael Reynolds is President/CEO of SpinWeb – a digital agency located in Indianapolis, IN. As an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional with Honors Distinction, Michael regularly blogs, publishes educational industry content, and speaks at conferences around the country covering topics like social media strategies, inbound marketing, and technology.

In addition to his obsession with marketing and technology, Michael devotes part of his brain to ballroom dancing and classical music. Prior to earning degrees in both Cello Performance and Management Information Systems from Ball State University, Michael studied the cello with a real live Klingon and still plays regularly in church and the occasional chamber music gig.

Michael enjoys playing tennis, cycling short distances very slowly on the Monon Trail (usually on the way to Bazbeaux Pizza), traveling with his beautiful wife, and eating lots of sushi.

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4 Quick Landing Page Tweaks To Increase Signups & Sales

You'll learn:

  • How a hobbit can help you instantly spot conversion bottlenecks -- by giving you a simple tool for understanding how customers interact with any webpage
  • The top 4 most important elements on any webpage -- with simple, specific instructions for tuning yours to the utmost efficiency
  • Why you should NOT optimize your webpage -- because the only thing you really CAN optimize does not exist as pixels on a screen
  • How to literally guide your prospect's eyes using color, dimension, movement and separation -- with clear examples from real-life sites

About the speaker


D Bnonn Tennant is an expert in a rare trifecta: marketing, copywriting and web design. He is the author of the conversion-rate optimization course "Attention-Thievery 101", numerous articles and reports, and has written for Copyblogger, Smashing Magazine, KISSmetrics, Problogger, Unbounce and many others. When he isn't teaching entrepreneurs how to turn more visitors into customers, he's either knee-deep in the guts of someone's landing page, or schooling his kids in the manly arts of archery, fisticuffs and how to grapple a zombie without getting bit.

Additional bonus material  & video slides at

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Join us for a free Webinar: "Giving and Getting Feedback"

Feedback can be used as motivational tool or as constructive criticism. This may increase productivity, harmony or solve interpersonal problems. Giving good feedback is a skill that can be learned and improved.

This webinar will be an initial lesson about the rules of giving and getting feedback.

This webinar is helpfull for managers, CEOs etc, as well as individuals working together in teams or workgroups.

About the speaker

Isabel Brockhoefer is a skilled trainer within the team of Lorenz Seminare. She has got a "Higher Diploma in International Business Administration and Management". She has succsessfully completed Train-the-Trainer courses, as well as trainings for communication practices. She speaks German and English fluently and is an officically recognised translater for English. Within her carreer she has worked in several international companies. Her special skills include team management, communication in teams and performance review system development.

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Systemise your time and maximise personal effectivness

In today's "high speed business" the personal time management of small business owners becomes more and more mission critical.

In this 45min session with Business Coach Douglas Brown you will discover:

  • A vision for Business – a Personal Mission Statement – Goals and Tolerations
  • Business Aims and Key Results Areas
  • Scheduling tools – working to a weekly time template- linking with Key Results Areas
  • Managing interruptions – delegation & performance tracking.
  • Personal/Family time.

and how all these all link together.

About the speaker

During the course of a successful career in the Financial Services Industry, Douglas Brown acquired experience in a variety of diverse roles including - intermediary sales, sales management, investment consultancy and as an independant financial adviser, latterly setting up his own business as a Partner of the successful Wealth Management Group St. James's Place in 1998.

During that period, he has also developed his passion to help clients to achieve what they want in life and business and has also been delivering support to clients as a business coach and NLP coach and trainer since 2003 - now delivering, in association with Personal Summits Ltd, a successful Coaching Support Programme, aimed at enabling business owners and entrepreneurs to take their businesses to a new level and get more and more of what they want in life...sooner.

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Local SEO as a Business

How would you like to cash in on the fastest growing segment of online business today? Small businesses are realizing the old model of advertising is no longer working and they are literally flocking towards online advertising. Organic search is by far the most affordable method to grow their business. These businesses need a liaison to show them the way and I am going to reveal how you can be just that. Wouldn’t you want the ability to help these small business owners and make recurring income from it?

About the speaker

John Limbocker is Founder and CEO of Internet Dominator’s. John is responsible for over $100 Million Dollars in increased online sales for his commercial clients through natural SEO techniques. After a decade-and-a-half of online success, John has created an online training program to teach webmasters and website owners all of his knowledge and techniques. If you incorporate these techniques, you will then be able to rule the top of the search engines.

In the mid 90’s, John was invited to speak to business owners about leveraging Internet Search Traffic to grow their businesses. He took this message to many different events and venues from Computer User Groups to Pepperdine University - but it was clear that everyone just wanted SEO done for them. This altered John's course and sent him down the path of offering commercial SEO services. It was then that he disappeared from the public eye and went underground developing SEO techniques for his clients - that are still followed by today's gurus.

Lucky for us, he has once again surfaced and is willing to openly share his SEO traffic secrets with all of us!

For the past year John has been openly available to all of his SEO Dominator's Club members as he hosts a weekly conference call to keep them all informed and answer any questions as they arise. You can email him at john@internetdominators.com

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Additional free material can be optained via www.InternetDominators.com


The four phases of a customer

Maurice W. Evans will guide you through the four phases every customer goes through.

In the webinar you will learn:

  • How to maximize the two sides of the "marketing coin"
  • Understanding the 4 mental phases of a customer and how to capitalize on it
  • Why Viral Marketing is the Key to all future business

Bonus: Everyone receives 200 marketing weapons and explosive headlines as a free gift for attending.

About the speaker

Maurice W. Evans, aka ‘Mr. iGROWyourBiz’ is a Business and Abundant Life Coach and motivational speaker. He is a Licensed Pastor, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Maurice is an author, dynamic conference speaker and viral marketing Expert. He is the original creator of the social network NetworkingCity.com. His firm offers a money back guarantee and focuses on helping businesses grow their brand using proven methods and technologies.

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Additional free material can be optained via www.guaranteedviral.com


Perform at your Peak in a Week

In these challenging times what is most important to you right now in your career or business? Is it to?

  • Increase productivity, performance and profits
  • Keep top performers longer
  • Reduce politics, backbiting and unnecessary stress and conflict
  • Reduce the risk of recruiting unsuitable staff
  • Increase repeat business and referrals from customers

Because it addresses key underlying common problems, this webinar can help you to achieve these objectives.

After this webinar, you will:

  • Have discovered 7 key principles of peak performance
  • Understand 5 key trends that determine why a different, more personal approach to business is required
  • Get how you can benefit from collaborating and teamwork whether you are self-employed or part of a large corporate organization
  • Have discovered small practical steps that you can implement in only a week to give you enduring improvements to your performance (and those that work with you)

About the speaker

Una Doyle, is an international award-winning speaker (www.UnaDoyle.com) and is extremely passionate about her philosophy “Business IS Personal”. Una melds together the best of business strategies and thinking with her own experience to create simple and practical steps to increase performance and profitability of you and your team.

Organisations she has worked with include Argos, Yorkshire Forward, Asda, a Kodak company and Business Link as well as some councils and many owners of small and medium businesses.

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