Technical questions

Technical questions

What is to do: I forgot my login details to the ControlPanel (User ID/Password)

Your UserID is not only necessary to log in to your ControlPanel. You need it to open a ticket for one of the Verio Europe teams, too.

If you have forgotten the login information, please go to the login page of your individual ControlPanel - you just need the respective domain nam, to be completed with /stats:


Shared Linux products: you can directly click on "I forgot my password" to get your access data (user ID and password) sent to the email address stored within our systems.

Shared FreeBSD products: please cancel the login process to find the "I forgot my password" link on the next page.

Please get in contact with us if you do not receive the initiated email (please first check your SPAM folder), presumably the email address stored within your ControlPanel is out-dated.

Choosing the login page for the admin area of an

eStore [http://estore.your-domainname/epages/UserID.admin]


Page-it account [http://page-it.your-domainname/epages/UserID.admin]

you will find "Password forgotten".

Your UserID is part of the link you use to reach your eStore/Page-it login page. In case you don't remember the UserID anymore, please get in contact with us.

My domain has already been moved - how can I access my individual ControlPanel?

To access your individual ControlPanel after your domain name has been transferred away, just 

use [http:// your IP address /stats]

instead of [http:// /stats]

Your IP address can be found within the account information email that you received right after your order.

If your account information email is not available anymore, please request the resending via ticket to our technical support.

How can I move my hosting / email account?

  1. Terminate your account as well as possibly existing domain administration contracts with Verio Europe at the earliest possible date.
  2. Order a new account at your new provider.
  3. Backup the data of your Verio Europe account and transfer it to your new account.
  4. Setup your email account(s) at the new provider so that you can start receiving emails immediately after the domain has been transferred.
  5. Check the registration data of your domain(s) at the responsible registration authority (NIC) and commission an update with Verio Europe, if necessary.
    It is particularly important that the email address of the Administrative Contact (admin-c) is up to date as it will be used for communication during the transfer of the domain. We recommend not to use an email account on the domain to be transferred as this domain might experience downtimes during the transfer.
    NIC updates can be commissioned using this form and forwarding it to our domains team - filled out and signed as attachment to a ticket or via fax.
  6. Request the creation of an AuthCode (or AuthInfo for the TLD .de) at the Verio Europe domains team and forward it to your new provider. AuthCode resp. AuthInfo will be sent to the email address of the listed admin-c, processing of requests is done in the chronological order that they are received.
    The 6 to 16-digit code is meant to prevent an unauthorised transfer of domains. Your new provider will present the AuthCode to the respective NIC to authorise the transfer.
  7. Reduce the time-to-live (TTL) of your domain(s) in the zone manager of your hosting control panel at least 2 days before the domain(s) will be transferred.
    The TTL defines the time a DNS response remains valid. Reducing the TTL helps to reduce the time it takes for the domain to point to your new hosting account.
  8. Your new provider will setup the correct nameserver entries for you and will make the necessary updates at the NIC.
  9. Wait 24 – 48 hours for the domain to resolve correctly across all name servers worldwide
  10. If you do not delete the contents of your account, this will be done by us after you gave due notice and at the end of your regular contract term, on 09/30/2016 at the latest.

How can I save the data/ databases/ mails on my hosting account?

To store your data on your local hard drive, please connect to your webhosting account using a FTP client. Copy the data and save it to your local drive.

Emails including folders can be saved using the freeware tool IMAPSize. The powerful freeware tool allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your mail accounts. It can be downloaded at:

Please consider making a backup of the databases on your hosting account. Navigate to phpMyAdmin section in your Verio control panel to export the data and to save it to your local drive.

How much time does it take to move my hosting account?

We recommend that you allow for 2 – 3 weeks for the transfer to take place. During the transition period, it is advisable to operate your old and your new account in parallel. Setting up a new eShop will certainly take more time.

Please note that the effort to move data to a new platform depends on the operating system on each of them. It will increase if operating systems differ (Shared/VPS Linux vs. Windows).

AuthCode resp. AuthInfo will be sent to the email address of the listed admin-c, processing of requests is done in the chronological order that they are received.

After the transfer of a domain, it usually takes 24 – 48 hours until it points to your new account. Email accounts may experience a downtime during the domain transfer.

When do I apply for name server updates?

Since August 1st, 2016 we are not offering name server updates at the responsible registrar anymore.

However, you can make these changes easily after your successful transfer to the new registrar / provider.

Will Support continue to be available until September 30, 2016?

Yes, our team will continue to support you.

eStore / Page-it...[open]

Where can I find a new provider for my ePages shop?

You will find an overview of ePages’ partners at:

How can transfer my shop to a new provider?

You will find the options to export and import data in the backoffice of your store. A step-by-step guide can be found at:

Similarly, shop owners operating a third party software (commercial or freeware like ZenCart or OpenCart) can also use import/export to move their data to a new hosting account. If your software does not provide this feature, you will have to export and import the database manually. Please see the FAQ in the Hosting section on how to do this.

Is there a downtime when I move my shop to another provider?

Depending on propagation time and on the settings of your new provider, visitors of your shop may be redirected either to your old or to your new site. Therefore, you will have to copy orders received on your old system to the new one. If you are operating both sites in parallel during the transition period, website visitor will not experience a downtime.

Technical questions

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