Questions concerning domain names


What is to do: I forgot my login details to the ControlPanel (User ID/Password)

Your UserID is not only necessary to log in to your ControlPanel. You need it to open a ticket for one of the Verio Europe teams, too.

If you have forgotten the login information, please go to the login page of your individual ControlPanel (<your-domainname>/stats).

Shared Linux products: you can directly click on "I forgot my password" to get your access data (user ID and password) sent to the email address stored within our systems.

Shared FreeBSD products: please cancel the login process to find the "I forgot my password" link on the next page.

Please give us a call if you do not receive the initiated email (please first check your SPAM folder), presumably the email address stored within your ControlPanel is out-dated.

Choosing the login page for the admin area of an

eStore [http://estore.your-domainname/epages/UserID.admin]


Page-it account [http://page-it.your-domainname/epages/UserID.admin]

you will find "Password forgotten".

Your UserID is part of the link you use to reach your eStore/Page-it login page. In case you don't remember the UserID anymore, please give us a call.

How can I transfer my domain?

If you would like to transfer your domain to a new provider, please request an AuthCode (or AuthInfo for the TLD .de).

This 6 to 16-digit code is meant to prevent unauthorised transfer of domains. Please note that for some TLDs the AuthCode/ AuthInfo is only valid for a certain period. If you exceed that period, a new code must be requested at additional cost.

Please check domain registration data in advance as AuthCode resp. AuthInfo will be sent to the email address of the listed admin-c.

Please open a ticket to our domains team to request an AuthCode/ AuthInfo.

Processing of requests is done in the chronological order that they are received.

How does it work to change provider (TAG Change) of .uk-domains?

You need to change the provider/registrar before September 30, 2016.

You can find a list of registrars on the website of registrar Nominet:

Each registrar has an IPS TAG (abbreviation for the respective registrar), e.g. our IPS TAG is VERIO:
     InterNetworX Ltd. & Co. KG [Tag = VERIO]
   URL: [http]://

To change provider (TAG Change) of .uk-domains (also, etc.), please use the template we prepared for you on this page:

To receive an AuthCode, the registration data has to be correct - how do I update the WHOIS info??

Before requesting an AuthCode/AuthInfo, please check if your registration data (especially your email address is important) is up-to-date.

Choose the fitting form or template to submit changes relating to your domain name

File link icon for change-of-registration-data_01.pdf


The whole communication between registrar and domain owner is happening through the admin-c email address - to change your registration data (NIC-Update), please complete this form and add the file to your ticket for our domains team

File link icon for

Request IPS TAG Change = change provider of .uk-domains (also, etc.). As soon as you have found a new registrar for your domain, please send us a request with the specific modification you require on company headed paper of the registrant and signed by the CEO resp. company owner of the registrant.

What is an admin-c, what is a domain owner?

What is an admin-c?
The administrative contact (admin-c) is the natural person appointed by the domain holder to act as his/her authorized representative and who also has the duty towards the registry of taking binding decisions in all matters concerning the domain.

What is a domain owner?

The domain holder is the contractual partner of the registry and hence holds the material rights to the domain. If the domain owner or a co-owner is not a natural person, the corresponding company name (including the indication of the legal form) has to be communicated. In case the domain owner does not have his headquarters in Germany, an admin-c residing in Germany must be indicated for .de domains.

What happens to my domain after September 30, 2016?

Domains which are still with us will be returned to the respective registration authority (awarding body or registrar). However, your contract with the awarding body or registrar, which Verio has concluded as a messenger in communicating on behalf of you, will continue and your rights to the domain name will not be lost.  However, domains will not resolve anymore and emails will not get delivered.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to make all necessary arrangements to move your domain to another provider.

Please fill in all blanks and add filled out/signed form if required in order to avoid delays working on the following topics: