Linux Web Hosting Features


Disk Space - The disk space allocated to your account will hold all of your data (web sites, image files, emails, database contents, etc.).

Bandwidth Transfer - All accounts include a certain monthly traffic volume. This relates to all data transfer to and from the account. Excluded are data transfer via your FTP accounts.

Subdomains - Depending on your plan you can create a certain number of subdomains or additional top level domains (registration fee separately) and manage DNS yourself in your control panel. You can also create email addresses for these additional (sub)domains.

Own IP address - If your account has been allocated an own IP address, you can access it using this IP address, other than using the domain. If your account does not have an own IP address, you can access it only using the domain you entered during your order.


SimpleScripts - Our application installer is the easy, fast and free way to install new functionality and the latest versions of open-source software like WordPress, ZenCart, 4images and more. No technical expertise required! Plus, you’ll get fast notification when updates and patches are available. This free tool gives you one central place to manage all of your applications. 

FileManager - The easiest way to manage all files on your hosting account.

TYPO3 - TYPO3 is an enterprise-class, Open Source CMS (Content Management System), used internationally to build and manage websites of all types, from small sites for non-profits to multilingual enterprise solutions for large corporations.

goMobi - Introducing goMobi™ – the easiest way to create a customized mobile website for your business that delivers the information your customers and prospects need when they are on the go. goMobi is available with monthly contract on all Verio Shared Linux Web Hosting packages. It can be ordered in the individual ControlPanel of your Shared Linux account --> please use the link within your account information email.

Mail Services

Email Accounts - Depending on your plan, you can create a certain number of email addresses. You can define forwards and autoresponder for all addresses set up separately.

Spam/Virus Filter - Our mail solution comes with an integrated spam filter. You can define yourself how to handle suspicious mails. Furthermore, a virus filter is defined, which can also be switched off by you if needed.

Blacklist/Whitelist editable - Put known senders on your whitelist, so that emails orginating from these senders are always accepted by the spam filter. Or put known senders or whole domains on your blacklist, so that mails originating from theses senders are automatically recognised as spam.

Webinterface for management of emails - In addition to accessing your emails using Outlook or a similar email program, we offer Webmail. Webmail enables you to manage your emails via a web interface - wherever you are.


Control Panel - You can access the account control panel day and night and carry out modifications yourself.

Log Files - In your account control panel, you have access to the raw log files.

Automatic Backup - A regular and automatic backup of your web site is included.

Web Services

PHP5 - All accounts support the easy-to-learn scripting language PHP and enable dynamic websites or web applications.

Custom CGI scripts possible - If you have created an own sript or downloaded a script, you can use it on your web site.

Shared SSL certificate - We allocate a shared SSL certificate, issued for the server. The use of this shared certificate will not be charged.

Own SSL certificate possible - If you prefer an own certificate on your Shared Linux Commerce Account issued to your domain, you have to purchase it at a provider of your choice. We will then import your certificate free of charge.

SSI Support - Server Side Includes (SSI) are commands that are executed by the server during processing your HTML file. SSI commands can used to integrate various environment variables of the server into your HTML files, e.g date or time.


MySQL databases - Depending on your plan you can use a certain number of MySQL databases. MySQL is the most popular relational database.

phpMyAdmin - For administration of your MySQL database(es), we offer phpMyAdmin. The administration takes place via HTTP in your browser, you don't have to install any additional software.