Send and receive email using
your own domain

Email for your domain name

If you would like to receive mail at more than one mailbox or send mail from your chosen domain name, just combine your new or already existing domain name with our product Mail. You can access your email from any browser, and build your brand through your web and email addresses.

If you don't have your own domain yet, you can easily add one within our order form. Just enter a domain name, select a TLD and choose "Mail" as product: a domain registration will be added to your order of Mail.

Price*£1.50 (monthly)
Setup* (one-time)£4.43
Disk space to store your emails1 GB
Transferno charge
Email accounts25
Mail Forwarding FunctionalityYes
Webinterface for Management of EmailsYes
Spam/Virus FilterYes
Blacklist/Whitelist editableYes
In case you add a domain nameregistration fee will be added

* prices for 12 months contract duration. More flexibility with 3-months contract duration: plus 20%.
Please have a look at the procurement regulations for top-level domains.