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Using your own domain name for your website or shop is a basic requirement to get found by search engines. There are many ways to direct traffic to your own website or shop by choosing specific TopLevelDomains (TLDs).

Verio Europe provides tips for successful online shops

Wednesday, 16.04.2014

The success of an online shop depends on several factors. Web host Verio Europe lists the ten most important.

Shared Linux boosted - prices stay

Monday, 14.10.2013

We have now significantly improved the features of our four Shared Linux hosting packages without touching the prices.

Ten Tips for Creating Mobile Websites

Wednesday, 16.10.2013

Companies should take the following factors into consideration when setting up mobile websites in order to avoid frustrating their customers:

17 new top level domains offered by Verio Europe

Tuesday, 01.10.2013

Why or .com only? Use more, Europe is large. We have added 16 European country codes to our domain portfolio and .mobi for websites that are optimized for mobile usage.

Great improvements for eStores and Page-it

Thursday, 22.08.2013

A short overview about some of the new features

The most important considerations in building a mobile website

Monday, 05.08.2013

Because of the increasing usage of tablets or smartphones to surf the web or to do online shopping you simply can't ignore the necessity of a mobile website for your enterprise. The most important aspects to be respected during the construction phase, now listed by Verio Europe.